Music at the Maritime- Folk Festivities. San Diego. CA

San Diego, CA, Verenigde Staten

Maritime Museum of San Diego

Haydn was one of the first Classical composers to incorporate popular, folk and Hungarian material into the string quartet, and the opus 42 and 54/2 quartets are some of the most evocative examples of this exploration. The influence of traditionalmusic on the string quartet continues to this day, and this concert provides two more vivid examples from the 21st century: Linde Timmerman’s Cante de Ida y Vuelta (Round Trip Songs), inspired by the folk traditions of South America and Spanish flamenco, was written for and premiered by the Hausmann Quartet in 2015. Brooklyn-based composer/violinist Colin Jacobsen’s Brooklesca is an homage to the richly diverse borough he calls home, complete with winks to his musical ancestors.

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1492 N Harbor Dr
San Diego, CA 92101
Verenigde Staten
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