Linde Timmermans creates her own personal, individual and honest but very sensitive musical world where the secular and the sacred come together in an almost timeless atmosphere.

  1. Cante de Ida y Vuelta. Hausmann Quartet. Maritime Museum San Diego 2016 Composition 'Cante de Ida y Vuelta, Linde Timmermans. Performers, Hausmann Quartet 1:56
  2. Vetcherok Vetcheraisa. Tcha Limberger/Flora Curzon. Rosario 2015 Composition 'Vetcherok Vetcheraisa, Linde Timmermans. Performers, Tcha Limberger/Flora Curzon 3:39
  3. Tilia. Isil Bengi. Rosario 2015 Composition, Linde Timmermans. Piano, Isil Bengi 6:34
  4. The Jester. Duobaan. Concertgebouw Brugge 2017 Composition Linde Timmermans, performers. Barbara Ardenois & Anneleen De Causmaecker 6:32
  5. Quantum Sonate. De Gidsen/Yves Segers. Brussels 2016 Composition 'Quantum Sonate' Linde Timmermans. Orchestra, De Gidsen/Yves Segers. 1:23


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